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Who am I?

i’m a freelance web Developer in Dubai, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Consultant, and freelance web designer in DubaiUAE.

I have many years (more than 10 years) of experience in web design and development and i have worked for various web design companies in the past years. Since 2008 i started to work as a freelance web developer in Dubai, web designer and SEO consultant and up to now i designed and developed over 100 websites and have done various graphic design works such as catalogs, logos, posters, etc for my clients.

Why hire me?

What separates me from other freelance web designers in Dubai is my ability to do web design and web development and SEO all together. I can create a website from scratch (design, development and SEO) with the latest technologies available and with higher quality than most of web design companies in Dubai-UAE.

I know that is a bold statement but allow me to explain. The reason for the fact that i can offer better websites than most companies is that it is expensive for most of the companies in Dubai to hire experienced web designer’s / web developer with my skill set.  Hence they  hire juniors with lower salaries and as a result your website wont be as good. However I’m constantly updating my skills and always make sure to use the latest technology, and my many years of experience made me a perfectionist when working on website. Plus it is more cost effective to hire an experienced freelancer web designer in dubai instead of a company.

What my clients say?

Well i can say I’m the best freelance web designer in Dubai, SEO consultant, and web developer in Dubai but it that doesn’t mean anything if the clients think otherwise. I sincerely believe that clients are always right and they are the ones who have to say how good or bad you are. So please have a look at what my client’s say about working with me below:


“Babak provided us with fast, reliable, professional services when we went to reprogram some of our numerous web sites. From the beginning he was most interested in teaching us how to continue to maintain the site once our work was finished so as to not have to continually come back to him for more services. Rarely will you find this honest approach to services in this industry today. His in depth knowledge of all facets of his profession places him well above his competitors. The speed and “attention to Details” was nothing short of phenomenal. I look forward to a long relationship with Babak as this environment continues to change and he is there for us not only as a high quality, honest vendor but as a true friend.
Thanks Babak and look forward to the years ahead.”

Curtis Goff - CADG

“Our business had been operating its online portal for almost two years before we engaged with Babak. Although it seemed functional to us, we never understood why we never received very high traffic. Once Babak came on board and suggested that we totally redesign it, the results were almost instantaneous. It is not very often you find someone in this field who has both a firm grasp of coding and an eye for design, and luckily for us Babak has both. He never fails to deliver on his promises, and always goes above and beyond to make sure everything he delivers is perfect. Our website is now more alive than ever, and it is totally down to him.”

Sahar Davodi - H2OPUREBLUE

“Working with Babak to produce quality websites has been a real pleasure. His project management skills and diligent work ethic to resolve even the slightest of issues has been a breath of fresh air and his ability to meet deadlines and overall produce difficult tasks in a short time, make him and his skillset an asset for any project.”

Ted Totsides - T2 Creative Agency

“We have availed of the services of Babak for the design and development of our new website. True enough we find his services very satisfactory and produced a great result. We find him very cooperative and always responds to our requests by email or even answers our late calls to discuss our urgent concerns. And we really appreciate that he can deliver on time. Moreover, he is very innovative and generous enough to introduce and share new ideas to improve our website which really shows how creative he is. We would really recommend Babak for other companies who have web design requirements as his expertise on this field is really exceptional. Keep up the good work Babak!”

Lamina Bellahdeb - itravel utravel

Final Comments

if you need a website for your business or you need to redesign or improve your SEO please feel free to contact me on 00971552302460. I can work with all the major Content management systems (wordpress, joomla, drupal –  i always prefer wordpress), i can create ecommerse solutions (woocommerse , jigoshop on wordpress,virtual mart on joomla,  magento or custom made php) and i can create custome complex solutions with php.

I also work with web design companies on freelance basis (currently working with T2 Creative Agency) so if you own a web design company we can work together on your projects and i will charge a discounted hourly rate for each project.

Please go through the website for more information and do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Best Regards

Babak Nemaei


Talent is what God gives us, Skill is what we give back to Him

MY Skills

I have learned a lot during the past 8 years and still learning. Here is a list of my skills in web design and developement.

HTML 5 and CSS 3


Wordpress (Theme and plugin development)

Joomla (template and extension developement)





JQuery (i love JQuery)





Through the past 8 years i have made more than 80 websites both as a freelancer and as a full time developer for companies with html,  PHP, Custom made CMS, WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal. but websites change and get outdated frequently. so it’s better for me to show you my recent work.

2013 Portfolio


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

My Team

I usually have a busy schedule so i often work with a  group of professionals in order to fulfill client requirements.


Learning Never Stops


Teaching is my passion. Although i can make a lot more money developing websites i just love the experience of getting to know a student and teach them new skills.

i have taught web design and computer programing both privately and in training institutes in the past. in 2012 i designed a full course for web development for one of the training institutes in Dubai and later i decided to teach the course privately to my students.


Full Private / Semi-Private Web development course in Dubai

The full web development course dubai teaches students everything they need to know to become a fully qualified webdeveloper. it covers Html 5, CSS 3, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, json, php, php OOP, MySql, xml, wordpress, joomla, and SEO.

The full course consists of 24 classes(each class is 3 hours) and the duration of the full course is 6 month.

The full tuition is 6000 AED (1000 AED per month) for private students.

The semi private course (more than 8 students need to apply) tuition for the full course is 4500 AED (750 per month).

you can download the full course curriculum below .


You can apply for the course using the form below.

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